Financial Glossary

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Term Definition
Secondary Insurance A second third-party insurance plan that covers expenses not paid by the primary payer.
Self-funding, Self-insurance A health care program in which employees fund benefit plans with their own money. Self -funded plans may be self-administered or the employer may contract with an outside administrator for an Administrative Services Only (ASO) arrangement.
Self-pay An individual that has the ability or has chosen to pay for all or a portion of services on their own.
Skilled Nursing Facility A licensed health facility or a distinct part of a hospital which provides skilled nursing care and supportive care to patients whose primary need is for availability of skilled nursing care on an extended basis. It provides 24-hour inpatient care and, as a minimum, includes medical, nursing, dietary, pharmaceutical services and an activity program.
Social Work Services Are services providing assistance and counseling to patients and their families by social workers in dealing with social, emotional and environmental problems associated with illness or disabilities, often in the context of discharge planning coordinator.
Stop-Loss A maximum out-of-pocket expense that a patient must pay due to deductible and co-payments.
Subscriber The person who holds and/or is responsible for the medical insurance policy.