Financial Glossary

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Term Definition
Indemnity Benefits A fixed dollar payment for a specific health care service; for example, $100.00 per day inpatient services. Patients are responsible for all costs above a fixed insurance payment.
Indigent Are patients who have exhausted any third party sources, including Medicare and Medicaid, and whose gross income is below 200 percent of the current Federal poverty guidelines, adjusted for family size.
Individual Practice Association (IPA) A type of HMO whose physicians usually practice in private offices and are paid by the HMO on a fee-for-service basis. Patients pay a set fee for all covered services, regardless of the actual number of services utilized.
In-Network Services rendered by a selected group of providers for which the insurance company will pay.
Inpatient A patient who is occupies a hospital room and receives hospital care, including room, board, and general nursing care for more than 23 hours.
Inpatient Services Services provided to patients who are in the hospital.
Intermediary An agency, usually an insurance carrier, designated by the Social Security Administration to administer the benefits of the Medicare program, i.e. Blue Cross of Texas administers Texas Medicare claims.
Intermediate Care Facility A licensed health facility which provides inpatient care to ambulatory or semi-ambulatory patients who have a need for skilled nursing supervision and need supportive care, but who do not require availability of continuous skilled nursing care.