Financial Glossary

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Term Definition
Fee-for-Service Payment A method of reimbursing doctors on the basis of a charge (fee) for each service given. This is the traditional means of physician payment.
Financial Assistance Adjustments made for qualified responsible parties, based on financial assistance applications and established financial guidelines.
Financial Counselor A professional who specializes in insurance coverage and provides financial information to patients.The counselor will help patients understand what their insurance covers and does not cover. Also, this professional is an expert in disability and indigent programs and may have experience with drug assistance.
First Dollar Amount Coverage under an insurance policy that has no deductible; coverage starts from the first dollar of a patient’s medical expenses.
Flexible Benefit Plan A type of benefit program offered by some employers in which employees are offered a menu of benefit options, allowing employees to tailor benefits to their specific needs.
Free-Standing Clinics Are licensed, organized ambulatory health care facilities providing diagnostic and treatment services to patients not requiring hospitalization which are neither part of a hospital nor a private physician's office, but which are organized and operated to provide medical care to outpatients.